Why choose Dr. B?

  • Specializes in cannabinoid treatment for mental health disorders
  • Meets with patients for psychiatric cannabis consultations
  • Experienced in adjusting THC/CBD dosage and formulations
  • Assists patients in obtaining a medical cannabis card
  • Assists patients in transitioning from prescription drugs to cannabis
  • Accepts patient referrals for those who can benefit from cannabinoid treatment


Hear from Others

At at a very young age, I was introduced to a psychiatrist who thought it was in my best interests to use prescription pills.

The effects on my body were horrible. I was more nervous and uncontrollable, more unstable than before, with mood swings back and forth and the doctor always saying the next drug would help be better…

Then, I found medical marijuana – no crazy side effects, no mood swings. I now feel stable, sleep soundly at night, and am relaxed. And the best part is that marijuana is not eating my liver or shutting down my kidneys. I’m happy and healthy, and I owe it to medical marijuana!

– Brittany B