Growing into wellness

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My newest treatment recommendation for depression is growing your own medicinal cannabis. 

Spending time with plants soothes the soul. When you develop a relationship with cannabis, you make a physical connection with the earth and the universe.

You will never take your medicine for granted when you grow your own cannabis. You will never look at cannabis the same way again. Growing your own plants will help you be more intentional, moderate, and appreciative of your cannabis use.

The health benefits, sacredness, and power of growing your own medicine is the perfect combination for patients with depression who want more control over their healthcare.

Need more motivation to start a cannabis garden and help yourself get better? Keep reading!

1. When you grow your own cannabis, you know what you are getting in your medicine. You have complete control of the grow and cultivation progress.

2. The costs are minimal, especially if you grow your cannabis plants outside. You need a feminized seed of your favorite strain, soil, a container, water, and sunlight! That’s all your plants need – plus your love and attention – over the next few months.

3. Grow the strains that are best for your unique condition. If you live in a legal state, you can go to a reputable dealer of clones and seeds and get exactly what strain you want. Starting from seed or clone is especially important if you have trouble finding a strain you love, like Blueberry or Skunk #1. You can just grow it instead!

Choosing your own strains means that you can control cannabinoid levels too, including THC and CBD, so you don’t have to pick between super-high or low THC levels at the local dispensary. 

You will learn so many new things when you garden cannabis that you may even want to start making your own bubble hash… easily done with trim, filter bags, and ice water! Growing cannabis will increase your creativity and connectedness with the earth, the plant, and the female energy.

4. Gardening is relaxing and spiritual. Your cannabis plants can be a source of positivity, meditation, and mindfulness, like a Japanese zen garden.

You will find yourself savoring every moment with your plants, from when you put that seed in the soil and see it sprout to when you harvest and trim the buds to finally smoke. It’s hard to compare anything to smelling the fragrance and tasting the final product of your own creation.

5. Perhaps you sit and play video games while using cannabis and experience guilt because of it? Growing cannabis is great way to get off the couch and add activity to your life.

Gardening cannabis will totally improve your mood and decrease your shame. You will look forward to checking your plants every day (and in turn spend less time in front of the screen). You will better appreciate and moderate your cannabis use if you grow your own supply. 

6. The health aspects are numerous. People with mood disorders, depression, or seasonal affective disorders will see positive benefits from vitamin D synthesis from working in the sun or among grow lights. 

The physical work of tending to your plants will also improve heart health, sleep patterns, and attention span; reduce stress and illness; and encourage healthier eating. 

7. Growing medicinal cannabis gives you – the patient – a chance to break out of the pharmaceutical duopoly that exists between your pharmacist and your doctor to get you on pills. 

There’s a myriad of books on the subject of growing cannabis, including infinite sources on the internet. You will become a student again, but also have the opportunity to become an expert in your own medicine. The researching, learning, growing, and asking questions will have positive effects on your memory as well as decrease your time obsessing on the negative aspects of life. 

I’ve given you seven reasons to start bettering your health with cannabis. If you plant a seed today, you can harvest your medicine in as little as three months. Why wait any longer to feel better?