Forget the toilet paper! Stock up on cannabis

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What a stressful time this is for all of us.

The entire globe has been affected by this severe physical illness, COVID-19. 

While some will be negatively affected by the physical pathology, the overwhelming majority of the United States will be negatively affected by the stress and anxiety we are taking on because of the virus.

Mass quarantines are something we’ve never had to deal with before as a population. Because of a quarantine, I’m separated from my son. Who knows how long that will go on or the emotional toll it will take on my family.

Many of the most severely mentally ill people are at the biggest risk of developing anxiety disorders, especially if alone at home. I expect the toll from social isolation will largely impact our country’s mental health.

We have to focus on wellness and self-preservation. We must pull from whatever resources we have and put them into action. We have to keep up on diet, exercise, mindfulness, meditation, and our interpersonal relationships. 

This is where cannabis can help!

And, forget about toilet paper!

Stock up on flower, concentrates, edibles, topics, and all things ganga. If I have to be stuck inside, cannabis definitely takes priority over toilet paper. 

Get on Skype, talk to a friend, and use cannabis. Smoke a bowl together and have a joint meditation. Use cannabis to exercise more consciously or cook a fantastic, healing meal. You can spend this time learning to cook with cannabis. 

You even have time to start a cannabis plant from clone or seed to keep yourself occupied with growing. This is the perfect time to start a garden.

So stay well, stay busy, and stay well-intentioned with your cannabis use.

With love, Dr. B