Daily use is okay, by Dr. B

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There’s a lot of prejudice against using cannabis daily. 

The shame and guilt associated with cannabis use is largely remnant from prohibition and the anti-cannabis messages from our youth. But this is 2019, and we have shifted our views on so much already that cannabis should be recognized as the medicine that it is. 

If someone shamed you for taking your prozac or lithium medicine everyday, that wouldn’t be acceptable. Why is it okay to discriminate against someone because of their medical cannabis use?

For some people, skipping a dose of cannabis can be tragic. They may not be able to function at work or school or even parenting that day. They may have panic attacks. They may not want to leave their house. If their cannabis is prescribed by a doctor and they are taking it via the recommendations, what’s wrong with that?

Also if patients are self medicating in a healthy way without the help of doctor, what’s wrong with that? We need to challenge the prejudice against self-medication. Not everyone needs a doctor to give them permission to use cannabis or help them adjust their dose.

With Love and Light, Dr. B

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