What you need to know about vaping cannabis, by Dr. B

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About 1000 illnesses have been reported in the past month from vaping cannabis products. What the vast majority of these cases have in common is that most of the cartridges were obtained from illegal sources. Only a couple of the cartridges were bought in stores from the West Coast.

What’s curious is that people have been vaping cannabis for almost a decade. Why the sudden increase in illnesses? If it was simply vaping cannabis that was making people sick, we would have seen these illnesses over the past 10 years and not all at once.

These illnesses are regional, located mainly in the middle country where THC vapes are not always  sold legally in dispensaries. Cannabis concretions have varied between 17 and 74% THC in the suspicious vapes cartridges. An initial report says that a contaminant called vitamin E acetate that was added to the illegal oil cartridges could be the culprit.

As always, I’d like to stress the importance of purchasing cannabis from a licensed, tested, reputable, and legal source. Read the packaging to make sure you purchase vaping cartridges that contain only THC or CBD oil in the ingredients list without any additives! And remember flower has been safe for thousands of years!!

With Love and Light, Dr. B

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