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Dr. Mark Braunstein

Dr. Mark Braunstein (fondly known as Dr. B. by his patients) has been treating serious mental illness since earning a medical degree in 1997 from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency in general psychiatry at the University of New Mexico and then a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry in Portland, Maine. 

Dr. B. moved to Durango, Colorado, in 2002 to start a private practice in a state where medical cannabis is legal. Soon thereafter he became a psychiatrist at a wilderness therapy treatment center in the southwestern part of the Rocky Mountains. Dr. B. was essential in combining the fields of psychiatry and wilderness therapy and also pioneered a new, industry-specific model that others follow to treat patients in this realm. With integrative and holistic medicine and a unique approach, Dr. B. has found unmatched results when wilderness is incorporated with treatment. 

At this time, Dr. B. also began utilizing cannabis as medicine in his private practice. Patients often enter his treatment programs over-medicated, and most leave on fewer and sometimes no prescriptions at all. These positive outcomes have charged Dr. B.’s passion to help patients explore other modes of healing besides prescription drugs. Now after 17 years of practice, Dr. B. has treated more than 10,000 patients with medical cannabis. He specializes in treating psychiatric disorders with cannabis, adjusting dosage and formulations, and using evidence-based cannabinoid science in prescribing cannabis as a medical treatment.


Hear From Others

At at a very young age, I was introduced to a psychiatrist who thought it was in my best interests to use prescription pills. The effects on my body were horrible. I became more nervous and more uncontrollable – more unstable than ever … mood swings back and forth, and the doctor always saying the next drug would help be better. No, no they weren’t. In fact, my symptoms worsened terribly and even shut down both my kidneys. Then, I found medical marijuana – no crazy side effects, no mood swings. I feel stable, I sleep sound at night, I’m relaxed and the best part is that marijuana is not eating my liver or shutting down my kidneys. I’m happy and healthy and I owe it to medical marijuana!

– Brittany B

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